Rubber Compounding for Custom Rubber Compounds

Shalimar Rubber & Plastic, Inc houses a staff of knowledgeable chemist, elastomer design, and mechanical designers combined with an in-house rubber compounding laboratory to drive innovation for our customers. Our rubber compounding service can modify existing Elastomer's to produce custom polymers to meet application specific requirements or certifications. Working with organic, siloxane and carbon backbone Elastomer's, our custom rubber compounds can meet or exceed a wide range of product requirements. Our rubber compound batches are checked with strict control on quality assurance and tested using industry standard tests to produce physical, dynamic and rheological profiles. In addition, these profiles can be checked against customer provided requirements or application derived standards. This attention to detail helps assure consistency throughout the compounding process.

Our Experience Working With Custom Compounds & Custom Polymers

Shalimar's team has over 25 years of rubber compounding experience which we use to insure our customers final product meets or exceeds expectations. We offer the ability to compound custom color materials for unique market branding or product and packaging color matching. Shalimar has worked with small, large and OEM markets to help realize new products or custom compound materials to fix existing product shortcomings.


Contacting Shalimar To Discuss Your Project: