Custom Molded Rubber Parts & Custom Rubber Molding

Shalimar is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom molded rubber seals and molded rubber parts for applications across many industries. Our team will work with you from product concept, to prototype and design development including rubber compound selection, compression and stack-up recommendations through the ongoing production of precision custom rubber components.

Rubber Prototypes and design support to high volume production for custom molded rubber parts are specialties of Shalimar.

Shalimar utilizes the latest in CAD software to efficiently assist in the development of a custom molded rubber component for your application. Our engineers are available to help you with key design considerations for developing the right molded rubber part including rubber material selection, stretch and squeeze, rubber seal calculations, gland design, assembly design considerations, dynamic or static interface considerations and many more customer specific options.

From concept to precision molded rubber parts, Shalimar's experienced team helps our customers with a variety of custom rubber molding options
Custom Molding Rubber Design
Custom Molded Rubber

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