Rubber Grommets & Custom Grommets

Shalimar designs and manufactures custom grommet solutions to meet customer specifications. Our grommets have been used in the automotive, medical, plumbing, food / beverage as well as general industrial segments. Example applications include:

  • Wire pass through grommets
  • Vibration Dampening / Mount Assemblies
  • Sealing
  • Finishing Components
  • Insulation
  • Spacers

Shalimar's Rubber Grommet Design Expertise:

Our team has extensive experience in designing custom grommets for a variety of applications. A few examples of Shalimar's custom developed grommets:
  • Grommets for insulation and/or sealing around panel holes, while minimizing abrasion.
  • Rubber grommet vibration isolation systems inserted at the point of component interaction or system mounting.
  • Grommet or isolation pad including single sided PSA for easy installation.
  • Wire grommets used to seal panel hole at point of insertion and/or protect assembly from panel edges.
  • High Precision Grommet's for critical sealing applications.

Contacting Shalimar To Discuss Your Project: